Dr. Putrid T. Gangreen
An angry scientist and instigator of the original Great Tomato Wars. He lives in the Tastee Tomato Packing Plant outside San Zucchini, plotting fiendish tomato assaults upon the town.


The leader of the Killer Tomatoes. With  the looks of  a Hell's Angel and the "brains of a madman", he uses his smarts to manipulate the other tomatoes.


Chad Fin Letter
Our reluctant hero. At ten years old, he is not only the leader of the trio against Gangreen, he also is trying to save San Zucchini from rampaging, vicious tomatoes.



Tara Boumdeay
Gangreen's beautiful sixteen-year-old experiment. Despite her looks, she is a tomato in the depths of her soul and if you apply salt, she will turn into one. She longs to be a real human like Chad and the other San Zucchinians.



 Fuzzy Tomato (aka F.T.) was once a warrior among tomatoes and a hero of the"Great Killer Tomato Wars" until he was booted out by the Killer Tomatoes. Now forced into the cold, cruel world, F.T. faces hostile humans who are convinced that "the only good tomato is a squashed tomato."   So he masquerades as the world's ugliest dog to survive in this tomato-hating society ruled by the ruthless Putrid T. Gangreen. Watch F.T. and his band of unlikely heros try to turn Gangreen into tomato sauce forever!